truuth Identity Platform

truuth’s Identity Platform will enable trusted sharing of digital identity credentials and associated payloads between consumers and enterprises with full transparency and rights for revocation and payment​.

Step 1

A customer's digital identity is linked to physical identity through a rigorous KYC process.

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Step 2

Data extracted from the verified identity document is augmented with the customer's biometric data.

Step 3

truuth creates an ID 'singleton' once it has verified the customer's ID credentials are valid and unique.

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Step 4

The customer's unique biometric data is fragmented, salted, encrypted and sharded to protect their privacy.

Step 5

Different identity 'scopes' are created for the customer to enable secure sharing of different identity data with 3rd parties.

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Step 6

The customer can share any ID scope with visibility of who has access to their identity and can revoke access or request payment.

Businesses and service providers can then request different ID scopes from the customer; each real-time share includes a real-time confidence score. 


Step 7