truuth FaceKey

truuth FaceKey is a service that enables users to authenticate themselves using their face on any device that has a connected camera. An important feature of FaceKey is that facial images are never stored by truuth and the underlying biometric vector is fragmented, salted, encrypted and sharded to ensure privacy and security of the biometric owner. FaceKey can be used to replace passwords to improve data security while also delivering a much-improved customer experience.

FaceKey dynamically updates as changes to face vector are detected

FaceKey dynamically updates as changes to face vector are detected
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FaceKey is used as private encryption key

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FaceKey dynamically updates as changes to face vector are detected

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Go Passwordless with FaceKey for added security and ease of use

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All data is encrypted with military grade algorithms
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User images are never stored and biometric vectors are salted & encrypted for security and privacy

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Combine FaceKey with other biometrics for ultra-secure authentication


How does it work?

Step 1


Users verify their identity by scanning a photo ID document and taking a selfie.  truuth ensures the images are a match.

Step 3

The user can then authenticate for any online service using their FaceKey by simply scanning their face.

Step 2

truuth converts the face vector into an encrypted key after adding spurious data (a process called salting), and the key is fragmented and sharded to different trusted servers to ensure privacy and security.

Step 4

truuth creates additional FaceKeys for the user when they authenticate with a high level of confidence (truuth score) enabling continual improvements in FaceKey accuracy through time.


Top Use Cases

FaceKey lets you...

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Why trUUth FaceKey?

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Improved Security

To deliver the highest level of privacy and security, truuth will never store the photo image of the user.  The X, Y, Z coordinates of the 3D model are salted (false coordinates are added) and encrypted so that fraudulent actors cannot get access to the underlying biometric.


truuth stores multiple FaceKeys for each user to enable creation of a more accurate 3D map of the user’s facial features from different angles. In high risk situations, trUUth can also request a liveness test as part of the FaceKey authentication to further mitigate the risk of identity fraud.

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Enhanced User Experience 

truuth FaceKey happens seamlessly for the user. The user scans their photo ID document and then they take a selfie in less than 1 minute. 


The user’s face is scanned in less than 1 second, FaceKey calculates the match score (truuth score), and the user is granted access if the score exceeds a threshold.


Enterprises have the flexibility of specifying the threshold score, the validity period of each FaceKey authentication, and the fallback option if authentication fails (e.g. use VoiceKey).

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Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

truuth FaceKey reduces the cost of onboarding a customer by enabling fully digital onboarding while mitigating risk of identity fraud.


FaceKey also reduces the cost of ongoing authentication and authorization by removing the need to manage insecure passwords across a wide range of enterprise systems. 

FaceKey solves the problem of expensive account recovery processes when users lose their mobile device. Users simply authenticate with their FaceKey on a new device to prove their identity.