truuth Identity

truuth Identity is a comprehensive and secure identity and access management service (IAMS) that enables dynamic authentication and authorisation of people, devices, services, and things. As billions of people and devices come online, businesses need the ability to define and track what each person and device is allowed to do in order to protect customer data and corporate assets. 

trUUth Identity

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trUUth Identity credentials can be transported to other platforms

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A ‘Singleton’ is created for each user and digital identity ‘scopes’ can be shared with 3rd parties

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Identity credentials are dynamically updated to create a real-time identity score

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Identites are verified

and stamped on blockchain to support Zero Knowledge Proof

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trUUth Identity is based on OAUTH2 open standard

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Multiple biometrics overlayed on OAUTH2 foundation for added security

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How does it work?

truuth Identity is a modular suite of microservices that can be used in concert with other IAMS solutions via standard protocols such as FIDO2, OAUTH2 and OIDC. API connectors are available for integration with common platforms that manage identities for:

-Corporate directories, services, and apps

-Buildings, locations, facilities

-Remote access via VPN

-Document sharing and sign-off approvals

-Financial transactions

truuth Identity is architected to be consistent with Digital Identity standards such as the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and the Australian Payments Council TrustID framework.


Top Use Cases

Identity lets you...

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Why truuth Identity?

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Improved Security 

truuth Identity is compliant with the FIDO2 standard in which cryptographic login credentials are unique across every website, never leave the user’s device and are never stored on a server. This eliminates the risks of phishing, all forms of password theft and replay attacks.  Because FIDO cryptographic keys are unique for each internet site, they cannot be used to track users across sites.


truuth Identity creates a strong link between Identity Proofing and the ongoing authentication and authorization via multiple user biometrics. truuth allows organisations to define the level of Identity Proofing required for different types of employees and customers, enabling dynamic authentication of users requiring ‘step up’ to different levels of biometrics based on risk.

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Enhanced User Experience

truuth Identity enables businesses to consolidate a range of different identity and access management services into a single cohesive solution. For security teams, access controls can be defined from a single dashboard. For employees and customers, numerous tokens, access cards and passwords can be replaced with face, voice, or fingerprint, and dynamic authorisation enables users to step up authentication in real-time to gain access rights.

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Improved Functionality

truuth Identity has several functional benefits:


- Supports wide range of identity proofing services

- Supports role-based and attribute-based authorization

- Calculates real time authentication scores

- Allows businesses to define authorization thresholds based on authentication score, transaction size, risk etc.

- Enables creation of custom user journeys for complex authorisations (e.g. require user to ‘step up’ authentication level for specific activities)

- Enables passwordless solution that works across devices, apps, browsers, and websites 

- Enables efficient account recovery without requiring users to carry secondary devices


Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

truuth Identity reduces the cost of managing users, devices, services and things. The incorporation of attribute-based access controls enables the automation of many manual processes. Our security features also reduce the risk of facing costs associated with identity fraud and data breach.