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We're living in a post-truth world...


The Moment of trUUth

At trUUth, we're passionate about verifying and safeguarding the facts. We translate this passion into world-class products that deliver the highest possible confidence in what is true. In a world inundated with fake profiles and fake news, there has never been a more critical moment to know the truth. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the world's most secure, accurate and user-friendly digital identity service.


For Businesses

For businesses, your enterprise cannot succeed without knowing the true identity of your customers, employees and suppliers. Having the world's most secure and accurate digital identity service provides the best possible foundation for protecting against fraud. 

For Consumers

For consumers, the truth is just as critical. In a world where 291 data records are stolen every second, you need to know the truth about who has access to your data, what they're using it for and how to reclaim and secure it. You need to know your personal data is safe.

Enterprise Solutions

trUUth is delivering a suite of integrated enterprise services designed to empower businesses to provide the most secure customer experience.

KYC (1).png

Our target accuracy for KYC is 99.999%. We reduce the risk of deep fake and synthetic identities through multiple biometrics and dynamic liveness tests within a seamless user experience.

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Multiple biometrics enable more accurate identity verification and enterprises can leverage real-time identity scoring to prompt higher levels of authentication where necessary.

Verify (1).png

trUUth Verify scans customer documents and extracts key fields to enable verification of authenticity. Verify applies machine-learning to test for document falsification and enables the application of visible and invisible watermarks to prove ownership.

Consumer Solutions

trUUth's promise to consumers is to help them reclaim ownership of their personal data, secure it using their biometrics, and empower them to share their data transparently with third parties in exchange for payment.

Secure Your Data

Your data is personal, so no one should be able to access it without your consent

Track Your Data

Your data belongs to you so you should be able to track its use and revoke third-party access at any time

Earn By Sharing Your Data

Your data is valuable, so you should be rewarded whenever someone wants to use it

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trUUth News


trUUth wins $1.9 million grant from AustCyber National Project Fund

Where We're Headed: View trUUth's full suite of enterprise services

trUUth: A next generation solution for digital identity and cybersecurity

What Sets Us Apart

Authentication Accuracy

trUUth identifies unique users with an accuracy of 99.999% using multi-biometric authentication.

Data Ownership

trUUth allows consumers to reclaim their personal data and store it securely using their unique biometric information to control its access.

Trust & Transparency

trUUth provides transparency of who's using your data, including the right to request payment and revoke access immediately.

Giving Model

trUUth aims to democratise philanthropy by enabling users to give daily 'micro-donations' on a global scale.


Get Involved

We want to create a world where truth is valued and fakes and fraudsters are exposed.

We need your help to do it.

As we work towards our mission to provide the world's most secure, accurate and user-friendly digital identity service, we need your feedback to make it the best it can be.

Become part of the movement to create a more truthful world for everyone.

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