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Building the world's most secure, accurate and reliable digital identity service
57% of internet users would prefer a pas
Welcome to the future of digital identity management
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Digital Onboarding

Reduce cost of acquisition and deliver a seamless user experience by signing up new customers with our fully digital KYC process.

Solutions that empower businesses to provide the most secure customer experience

Fraud Detection

truuth provides the highest level of fraud detection by combining user ‘liveness’ tests with AI/ML checks of identity document authenticity to deliver up to 99.999% accuracy in user identity.

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Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate your dependence on insecure passwords. truuth enables authentication with any combination of face, voice, and fingerprint biometrics to deliver a more secure and user-friendly authentication solution.

Industry-Leading Security & Privacy

truuth fragments, salts, encrypts and shards identity credentials to ensure the privacy of users.

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Our target accuracy for KYC is 99.999%. We reduce the risk of deep fake and synthetic identities through multiple biometrics and dynamic liveness tests within a seamless user experience.


truuth Verify scans customer documents and extracts key fields to enable verification of authenticity. Verify applies machine-learning to test for document falsification and enables the application of visible and invisible watermarks to prove ownership.


FaceKey is a service that enables users to authenticate themselves using their face on any device that has a connected camera, providing a secure alternative to password authentication and improved customer experience. The biometric vector is fragmented, salted, encrypted and sharded to ensure privacy of the owner.

With Identity, multiple biometrics enable more accurate identity verification and enterprises can leverage real-time identity scoring to prompt higher levels of authentication where necessary.


Liveness is a service that verifies a user is a human and present during the interaction. truuth Liveness performs dynamic tests, tracking eye movement and facial landmark ratios to prove the liveness of the given identity.



Biopass is an authentication service that enables businesses and consumers to remove their dependency on insecure passwords. Customers can employ any combination of biometrics to replace passwords on online accounts, protect important documents and approve transactions.



22nd June 2020

truuth announced as a semi-finalist at the Australian Technologies Competition 2020

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20th March 2020

truuth: A next generation solution for digital identity and cybersecurity

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12th February 2020

truuth awarded $1.9 million grant in AustCyber National Project Fund


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