Market-leading assurance for user identity

Truuth verifies the identity of the human behind the device. Leading enterprises employ truuth to protect against identity theft during onboarding and throughout the user’s lifecycle.


Enterprise solutions

Market-leading assurance + brilliant UX

truuth KYC

Seamlessly onboard customers, employees, and suppliers with complete assurance in their identity.

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truuth Biopass

Banish passwords! Deliver an amazing experience by empowering users to authenticate using face, voice, or fingerprint on any device.

truuth Verify

Real time machine learning models provide assurance malicious actors are not pretending to be your users. Verify delivers a range of APIs and SDKs that detect fraudulent ID documents and deepfake attacks.

There’s more to truuth

Enterprise solutions

Choose from a comprehensive range of services that deliver complete assurance in user identity.​

truuth KYC

Seamlessly onboard customers, employees, and suppliers with complete assurance in their identity.

truuth Liveness

Protect your users from fraudulent actors trying to steal their identity.​

truuth Verify

Choose from a wide range of verification checks that provide assurance in user credentials.

truuth OCR

Extract data from identity documents with a high level of assurance.

truuth FaceMatch

Check the user’s face matches their identity document.

truuth Facekey

Improve user experience and data security with face authentication.​

truuth Authenticity

Check the authenticity of an extensive range of global identity documents.

truuth Invoice Parser

Extract data from a wide range of invoices and statements.

truuth VoiceKey

Verify the identity of your users from their enrolled voice sample.​

truuth Biopass

Go passwordless and empower users to login with any combination of biometrics.​

Customize your solution with Add-ons.

Configure a solution that’s perfect for your enterprise. Truuth offers flexibility to add or remove features at any time.

Visa check

Check visa status to determine eligibility to work.

PEP check

Check applicant details against a global database of Politically Exposed Persons.​

Sanctions check

Check applicant details against international sanctions lists.​

Doc classification check

Returns country and document type based on image submitted to API.

Repeat user check

Returns probability the user has been seen before based on face vector.

Repeat user fraud check

Returns probability user is fraudulent based on face vector and hashed ID credentials.

Email fraud check

Returns probability the email of the user is fraudulent.

Company report

Check company details against official records.

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Tradeperson licence check

Check if applicant has a valid trade licence.

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Working with children check

Check if applicant is certified to work with children.​

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