About Us


At truuth, we're passionate about verifying and safeguarding the facts. We translate this passion into world-class products that deliver the highest possible confidence in what is true.


In a world inundated with fake profiles and fake news, there has never been a more critical moment to know the truth. 


For Businesses


For Consumers

For businesses, your enterprise cannot succeed without knowing the true identity of your customers, employees and suppliers. Having the world's most secure and accurate digital identity service provides the best possible foundation for protecting against fraud. 

For consumers, the truth is just as critical. In a world where 291 data records are stolen every second, you need to know the truth about who has access to your data, what they're using it for and how to reclaim and secure it. You need to know your personal data is safe.

We aim to deliver the world's most secure, accurate and user-friendly digital identity service.